Marcellus Shale/Gas Law

Due to the enormous pockets of natural gas underneath the Marcellus Shale that are now accessible, Pennsylvania is undergoing a modern day “gas” rush.  However, all that glitters is not gold and landowners need to make sure that they are protected in their dealings with the gas companies. As an experienced attorney in the industry, Mr. Keifer can help landowners avoid pitfalls in dealing with the gas companies that often arise when an inexperienced landowner is coupled with a very experienced representative of the gas companies.  Additionally, there are many concerns regarding what the gas company can do on your land that need to be addressed up front.  With an experienced attorney you will know what to expect when signing the deal, no surprises later. 

This practice area includes the negotiating of gas leases and the pipelines that are now being spread across Northeastern Pennsylvania.  This includes the counties of Wayne, Susquehanna, Luzerne, Wyoming and Bradford.  Gas companies have lawyers working hard on their behalf, landowners should too.

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